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Advance ballast is an essential component of almost all fluorescent lighting systems. Even if more advanced lighting technologies such as CFLs and LEDs are now sold in the market, a large number of houses, offices, and business establishments still use fluorescent lighting or tubes to illuminate rooms, spaces and working areas. Fluorescent light gives more conducive lighting conditions or well-illuminated spaces aside from brightening a larger area making it a must for commercial applications like marketing signs. If your room’s fluorescent’s ballast already require fixing or changing, the most ideal brand is Philips Advance.

advance ballast

About Advance

Advance is one of the product divisions or brand names of the electrical giant, Philips. This division focuses on the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art, latest, and most efficient lighting solutions which can be used privately at homes or commercially. Currently, this product line includes: LED systems and Lighting Controls, Lighting Drivers, and the different types of Philips advance ballast.

Brief ballast background

Is it your first time to encounter lighting ballasts? Electrical ballasts are used to limit the flow of electrical current which will flow to the lighting tube or system. These electrical components are commonly seen and used for fluorescent or xenon lighting systems. Basically, it acts as the step-down transformer that would reduce the intensity of electricity for the low power-requiring fluorescent tubes. Aside from limiting the current, ballasts also help protect the lighting system against powers surges or fluctuations.

philips advance ballast

Advance Ballast models offered by Philips

Currently, Philip’s Advance Ballast Catalog includes the following models and types:

advance ballast catalog

  1. Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts. These are the basic ballasts which can be installed for the new yet common fluorescent lighting systems. The electronic types are innovations of the old magnetic types. Instead of coil and transformers to step down or limit the amount of current, the electronic types use modern circuits, chips, and other compact yet efficient components. Advance has a wide range of T5 and T8 ballasts of this type.
  2. Electronic Fluorescent Controllable Ballasts. This is perhaps, the most advance innovation to fluorescent lighting. These ballasts have extra control systems for you to be able to dim and control the intensity of light produced by the system. In short’ it’s a dimmable and remote-controlled light.
  3. Electromagnetic Fluorescent Ballasts. These are the basic ballasts which effectively combines the beneficial features of the electric and magnetic types of ballasts.
  4. Electronic HID Ballasts. HID or High Intensity Discharge ballasts are the advance ballast types used for HID lights and tubes.
  5. Magnetic HID Ballasts. Instead of electronic circuits, HID magnetic coils are used for these types of ballasts.

Tips when choosing or buying your Philips ballast

If you don’t have an idea as to which ballast is best, the following tips should be able to help:

advance ballast warranty

  • Choose according to your existing lighting requirements. The specifications of your existing fluorescent or xenon lighting system will be your basis in choosing what type and model is best to purchase.
  • Choose the electronic instead of the magnetic types. The magnetic ones are the old and high power-consuming ballasts. The new electronic ones are ideal to have an efficient lighting system.
  • Check the ballast factor. The ballast factor also determines the efficiency and intensity of light produced. Choices are usually .77, .88, and 1.00. Lower factors are less bright but are more efficient. On the other hand, the 1.00 is true to the actual wattage but may not make your light last longer.
  • Ask for the warranty. Finally, always ensure to check on the dealer or seller’s Advance ballast warranty.

If you want a reliable, efficient, durable, and energy-saving ballast for your fluorescent or xenon lighting system, choose Advance ballast.

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